Tuesday, April 30, 2013


 Select two poems and attempt the following activities:
  • In your own words, say what the poems are about.
  • From whose point of view is each poem written? Why does the poet choose this voice?
  • Describe the tone of each speaker.
  • Describe the mood created.
  • Comment on the treatment of the major themes.
  • Identify two outstanding images that are used in each poem and describe their effectiveness.
  • Comment on the use of dialect.
  • Comment on the use of repetition.
  • Identify and comment on the use of symbols.
  • State one contrast that is mentioned and explain its effectiveness.
  • Describe the form of each poem.
  • Comment on how the form of each poem underscores its theme.
  • Describe the conflict or problem that the persona in each poem experiences.
  • Say what effect the poems have on you.
  • Which lines of the poems appeal to you. Why?
  • Describe the use of the natural environment.
  • Which of the two poems is more alarming? Why?
  • Which of the speakers appeals more to your sympathy? Why?
  • Which of the two poems is more enjoyable? Give reasons for your answer.
  • What lessons can you learn from each poem?
  • How does the persona in each poem change from the beginning to the end of the poem?

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