Thursday, September 26, 2013


Organisation of the Essay

Organize your essay into paragraphs. Each paragraph must:

  • Have a topic/lead sentence to show what it is about;
  • Include suitable quotations to clarify your points;
  • Have link words (also known as connectives or transitional words/phrases) to linkyour paragraphs.
The introductory paragraph must:
  • Relate to the question;
  • Include the main words/terms that appear in the various sections of the question;
  • Give the examiner an idea of how you are going to tackle the answer.
The body of the essay must:
  • Consist of well-organised paragraphs;
  • Deal with each element in a paragraph of its own;
  • Present your line of reasoning.
The concluding paragraph must:
  • Provide a summary of the main points that you have made in the body of your essay;
  • Refer to the question that is being answered.

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