Thursday, September 26, 2013

WINE OF ASTONISHMENT- Effects of the War

Narrative Style:
  • Heavy use of idioms and colloquial expressions –eg. ‘breeze could cut him’ pg. 27 ‘lips curl up like the edge of a cashew fruit.’pg.28
  • Use of symbols
ü  People, places and objects
ü  The church, Bolo(tradition), Prince and Ivan (power & authority) and Bee (the transition – between what was and what will be), Clem (embraces change) etc.
ü  The church -  contrast with the Richardson’s estate
  • Use if images and literary devices.
  • Use of repetition – ‘still black people was having dreams..’pg.36

Impact of War
  • Traditional way of life – uprooted, threatened.
  • Culture - being questioned – what is acceptable is no longer certain. Eg. stickfighting doesn’t hold the same sentimence. Degradation of society’s values and standards – prostitution.
  • Economy – has changed – agriculture no longer revered or seen as a manly job. – consumerism – everything can be bought or has a price.
  • Community members struggle with change
  • Masculinity  - redefined.
 Characterization and Theme
  • Bolo – representative of the traditional life – a dying lifestyle
  • Traditional man -
  • Refuses to accept – inevitable change – only sees the negative effect
Ivan and Prince
  • Symbolic of oppression
  • Disappointments – were seen as symbols of hope for the people
  • Selfishness and greed
  • Embody a different type of leadership
  • His manhood and leadership questioned by both his family and church members
  • Caught between rock and hard place – needs to show courage to son and family and church – both groups demand this in different ways.

Effectiveness of Flashback
  • To provide background information to the behaviours of characters
  • Understand the reason for the hope being placed in Ivan
  • Allows for the readers to make their own assessment of characters and events
  • Story moved from immediate past – to distant past.
  • Distinction already being made regarding who is in good standing and whose character is questionable.
  • Details of certain behaviour already being highlighted – eg. The Richardson, Ivan, Bee and Bolo
Suggested questions for characters in role play activity:
Ivan –
  1. The people regard you as their last hope for true representation regarding freedom of worship – How do you feel about this?
  2. Some people feel that nothing has changed with you as you were always aloof and distant from community members - what do you have to say in response to this?
  3. Many persons have been saying that since you have been exposed to a little power and authority you no longer remember where you are from – is this true?
  1. Why have you been so reluctant to openly express how you feel about what has been happening?
  2. What difficulties do you face as a leader, husband and father?

  1. Why are you so upset with the fact that the Americans are here?
  2. Many persons believe that you are afraid of embracing change and you want to continue with old practices that are no longer relevant – what do you have to say about this?
  3. How true is it that your negative feeling towards Ivan is because of Eulalee?

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