Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wine of Astonishment- Narrative Point of View

Narrative Point of View:
1st person narrative – Eva – woman, mother, church mother
Tells what she knows and what has been passed on to her – also what is public knowledge
To Maintain the Oral tradition  - oral historian – unifies the voices in her community
Role of the Chantwell – singer at a stick fight – Eva is responsible for collecting the stories organize them and disseminate them.
N.P.V and N.Technique
Affects how the story is told
Non –linear manner – present – near past – distant past – present
Narrates the events in regular story telling fashion  - filling in background information as the issues arise – digression frequent and relevant
Forces the reader/listen to pay attention as the narrator moves all over the events
N.P.V and N. Style
Personal link allows for intimacy of events being told
Strong use of images – those relevant and familiar with the lifestyle of narrator eg. pg.12 ‘sea gulls dipping like kites’, pg 9 ‘God gone from it’
N.P.V and Characterization

What is given about the characters  -  how Eva and her community sees them
Distinction already being made regarding who is in good standing and whose character is questionable.
Details of certain behaviour already being highlighted – e.g. The Richardson, Ivan, Bee and Bolo

N.P.V. and Plot
Suspense already heightens – digression fosters this – keeps the reader in anticipation
Suspense at end of chapter
Conflicts already visible from Bee and Ivan
Tension obviously brewing
N.P.V and Theme
Racism and prejudice already evident – Buntin not getting a loan
Manhood and Integrity (being questioned) – Bee and Ivan Morton

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