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The Wine of Astonishment - Chapters 5-7

Sample question

Characterization and thematic concerns are usually the main vehicles writers use to explore the social life/world of a text. In the examination of The Wine of Astonishment discuss the extent to which this is true by:
a)      Identifying a theme and explaining how the social life of the text is highlighted
b)     Identifying a character and explain how the social life of the text is brought out.
c)      Identifying one other element and explaining how the social life of the text is explored.

Chapter 5
  • The Shouter group faces the consequences for breaking the law
  • The church is attacked in the climax of a worship session
  • Prince’s character fully materialized – Eva has been hinting at his insensitive and callous nature.
  • Bolo’s heroism is both challenged and demonstrated – brave enough to challenge the state and well as he was defeated
  • Bolo’s last attempt to salvage what’s left of his people, his culture, his community – in his eyes a dying society.
  • Taffy questions his father’s inaction, the state’s action and the possibility of change or hope.
  • The deterioration of society and its values and morals – evident in Buntin’s shop – run down. Not playing the role it use to in the lives of the community members – Mitchels rise is therefore imminent and inevitable.
Chapter 6
  • Eva takes us further back to the period before Ivan goes into power.
  • Explanation as to why Ivan was the most suitable candidate for the position is given.
  • This allows the reader to further understand and appreciate the disappointment and betrayal the people feel towards and about Ivan.
  • Bee and his church members demonstrated a willingness to compromise and wait on Ivan to usher in the change for them – they are still waiting – hence the frustration.

Chapter 7 – Bolo Returns
  • The book returns to the present. Back to the end of chapter one
  • Bolo returns to find that things have deteriorated – he now has very little hope – he feels useless in a society that has moved pass valuing what he has to contribute.
  • He moves about trying to find a sense of purpose and to fit in – uses brute force to get his way – this however is the only thing he knows. He refuses to accept the change that has taken over the village.
  • Bolo gets the opportunity to demonstrate his prowess in stick fighting – this turn sour as he is the only one who is taking serious – and who is willing to fight in the true sense of the word.
  • Bolo is allowed by the community members to carry on with his bad acts – without him being challenged – this is done out of fear, sympathy as well as guilt.
  • The reader is now prepared for the Bad John he becomes in chapter 8

17 – how long Prince is in the Police force
16 – Taffy’s age – hence his disapproval of his father’s action
3 – number of years Bolo was sentenced – time it took for further breakdown in society
19 – number of persons Prince arrested
7 – frog vex for 7 years – comparison to the magistrate and his appearance – another of Eva’s striking images
10 – Ten pounds – court charge
21  - days in jail if money cannot be paid

2 – the two men who bought the cow

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