Saturday, May 10, 2014

Short Story Questions

  1. The narrators in “Berry” and “The Boy Who Loved Ice Cream” help us understand the nature of injustice.
    a)      Outline what happens in EACH story.                                             (8 marks)
    b)      Describe the injustice in EACH story.                                             (8 marks)
    c)      State which narrator contributes more to your understanding of the nature of injustice and justify your selection.                                                 (9 marks)

    2.      The difference between how children and adults see the world is highlighted in the stories “Septimus” and “Emma”, but readers are encouraged to prefer how the children see the world.
    For EACH story:
    a)      Outline the views held by children which are highlighted.                (8 marks)
    b)      Explain the adults’ views on the matter.                                        (8 marks)
    c)      Say which view you prefer and justify your answer.                      (9 marks)

    3.      In the stories “Shabine” and “Blackout” there is a focus on ambiguity in male-female relationships.
    a)      Describe ONE male-female relationship presented in EACH story.    (8 marks)
    b)      Show how the ambiguity is presented in EACH of these male-female relationships.                                                                              (8 marks)
    c)      Discuss ONE theme that EACH writer portrays through these relationships.                                                                                                        (9 marks)

    4.      Select TWO stories in which a love relationship is presented.
    For EACH story:
    a)      Describe the love relationship.                                                      (8 marks)
    b)      Discuss how the attitudes displayed by TWO characters who are involved in this relationship affect the outcome of it.                                             (8 marks)
    c)      Identify and comment on ONE device used by the writer to convey his/her view of the relationship.                                                                      (9 marks)

    5.      “An effective story holds the interest of the reader.”
    Choose TWO stories that you have studied from the prescribed list. For EACH story:
    a)      Describe a memorable event or incident.                                        (8 marks)
    b)      Comment on ONE character’s reaction to the event or incident you described in (a) above.                                                                                   (8 marks)
    c)      Show how the writer keeps the reader interested in this story.         (9 marks)

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