Friday, May 9, 2014

Wine of Astonishment Questions

1.      “Primus and Buntin play small but meaningful roles in The Wine of Astonishment.”
a)      Describe ONE incident in which Primus OR Buntin plays a meaningful role.  (8 marks)
b)      For the character chosen in (a) above, comment on his role in the novel.       (8 marks)
c)      Discuss the role of the male villagers as a group in the novel.                         (9 marks)

2.      “Eulalie is a marginal, forgotten character in The Wine of Astonishment.
a)      Briefly describe Eulalie.                                              (8 marks)
b)      Explain her role in the novel.                                       (8 marks)
c)      Discuss Lovelace’s treatment of women in the novel.   (9 marks)

3.      Discuss the view that Bolo’s response to the authorities and his people was brave and genuine but destructive.      (25 marks)

4.      “I want you people to be against me,” Bolo say and his voice, Bee tell me, was a terrible cry. “I want you to be my enemy. I want you to come and take these girls from me.”
a)      Describe the situation in which Bolo poses this challenge.                               (8 marks)
b)      Discuss why Bolo would challenge the villagers in this way.                            (8 marks)

c)      Show how Lovelace presents the tension between the community and Bolo in the novel.   
                                                                                                                            (9 marks)

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